The Antwerp City Pass: unlock the city

Time flies in Antwerp. Spend yours wisely and buy your Antwerp City Pass.

The Antwerp City Pass is your guide to discovering Antwerp.

The card opens the most beautiful, delicious and surprising doors in town for you.
  • It gives access to 16 of Antwerp’s top museums, 3 historic churches and 3 attractions. Temporary exhibitions included.

  • To get around quickly, you can use public transport for free and get access to cheap rental bikes.

  • You have lots of discounts on attractions, sightseeing tours, souvenirs and sweets.

With the Antwerp City Pass, you'll make the most of your visit to Antwerp!

I want it!

Pick up your Antwerp City Pass from one of the visitors centres of Visit Antwerp at Steenplein 1 or in the Central Station.

Or buy your pass in the FOMU shop(from March on) and visit the photo museum all at once.

How does it work?

It is very easy to use it. With the online app of the Antwerp City Pass you scan the QR code at the desk of the attraction you wish to visit.

The discount will be deducted immediately. On public transport, your Antwerp City Pass counts as a ticket.

Want to know more?

Almost convinced, but still have a few questions?

On you will find all the info you need.